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Since 2007, we have taken thousands of groups on hunts.  We know most of the questions our hunters have before they’re asked.  Reading this page thoroughly will give you all the answers you’ll likely want to know as you prepare for your hunt.

As you get ready for the hunt it is important that everyone in your party brush up on possession, cleaning and transporting of waterfowl when you hunting away from home.  This is important!

** Click on the button below to download then print our liability release waiver. This must be printed out and filled out completely by each member of your party before your hunt. You will give the completed waiver and the balance due for hunt and lodging to your guide the night before or morning of your first hunt.






Get Ready To Hunt!

During the booking process you’ll be introduced you our lodge manager Ashley. She will take your deposit and get your group into our calendar. We have a large welcome email for each state that answers all the questions your group will have i.e. how do I get to the lodge, what should we pack, when does the hunt start, what license do I need etc.

Ashley will help you with all the logistics of your hunt as we get closer. She’ll let you know which room you are in, which lodge you are at, where the closest grocery store etc. Please make sure to return her calls. She’s here to make things easier for you.

The Night Before the Hunt

You can arrive whenever you like for your hunt, but I strongly recommend arriving no later than 7 p.m. if you are able. This gives you plenty of time to get your party to the lodge, get your bags unpacked, get settled in, grab a bite to eat and a libation if you choose and relax before your first hunt the following morning.

Whoever coordinated your hunt will likely be in touch with Ashley throughout the day going over last minute details. After we finish our evening scouting efforts the guides, be in touch to go over the plan for the morning. They will let you know if we’ll be hunting fields or water, and answer any remaining questions you may have.

It’s during this phone call they will tell you the time and meeting place for the morning. Please make sure you have Google maps (not Apple Maps) on your phone. Your guides will text you a location pin that will open on google maps and that is where you meet in the morning.


Do you offer a meal package?

We do not offer meals for our MN & KS hunts at this time.   Our lodges in both states do have a full stocked kitchen (including gas grills and some with pellet grills) with all the pots, pans and everything need to cook while on your hunt.  If you’re not interested in cooking while on your hunt there are plenty of small town diners, supper clubs, steakhouses and sports bars within 10-30 minutes of the lodge for you to dine at.

Both our fall duck hunts and spring snow goose hunts in SD are hunt, lodging and meals packages.

Do you have a lodge?

Yes all of our hunts in MN and KS are hunt and lodging packages.  You can expect to arrive to a clean, fully furnished lodge, fresh linens and towels, fully kitchen, TV, WIFI etc

Can we stay an extra night?

Possibly.  Many times we have new hunter checking in that night to the lodge.  We are able to accommodate this sometimes, but not always.  This is something to discuss with Ashley as your hunt approaches.  Please note an extra nights stay is not apart of your hunt package so they’re will be an additional fee if we are able to accommodate.

When is the remaining balance on the hunt due after deposit?

We collect the remaining balance due, along with your liability waivers, when you arrive at the lodge the night before your hunt.

Is there a grocery store close?

Yes all of our facilities in all 3 states have grocery, and liquor stores, withing 10-30 minutes of the lodge.

What size shot should we buy and what kind?

As a general rule we recommend 3 inch 2-4 steel shot for ducks and 2, 1, BB or BBB for geese.  It’s important to remember federal law requires you to use steel shot at all times, when hunting public or private land, for waterfowl.  If your gun takes 3.5 inch shells you can certainly use that size.  Please know we find there is minimal difference between the two other than increased cost and recoil of 3.5 inch shells.

What kind of camo do we need?

The most important thing on your hunt is warm and dry. Cold and wet make for a pretty miserable day in the field. Making sure you are warm and dry really trumps the need for camo. On most of our hunts you’ll be a layout blind or in a pit, meaning you’ll be fully concealed from the neck down. The only exception being ducks hunts on water. We do have some spots where we will be standing among natural cover and in those situations you’ll want to have a waterfowl style camo. Whatever you can wear the that is waterproof and insulated will typically be just fine.  We also recommend you invest in good boots for your hunt.  Good gore-tex boots with 800+ grams of thinsulate will help make sure you enjoy your hunt in the field and don’t spend it warming your feet in the truck.

Do we need to bring waders?

Typically we do have our hunters bring waders for our fall goose and duck hunts in MN.  You may need them in for our fall duck hunts in SD.  You will not need them, unless notified otherwise by Graham or Ashley, for KS.

Where’s the best place to buy shells?

We buy the majority of our shells through Rogers Sporting Goods in Missouri or Reeds Sporting Goods right here in MN. They consistently have the best prices and frequently offer free shipping. You can find them by clicking on their link here: or

Can I rent guns shotguns from you?

We do have a limited number of semi autos (Benellis & Franchis) available for rent for $50/day.

What type of blinds do you hunt from?

Our hunts most frequently take place from a-frames, layout blinds or pits (western MN).  Our guides have a full arsenal of blinds at their disposal and typically decide how to “hide” for each hunt based on the terrain and cover.  We do understand that layouts can be a challenge for some to get in and out of.  If that’s the case for your group please let us know in advance so we can let the guides know to hunt from an a-frame if at all possible.

Do you clean birds? What do we do with the birds?

You are responsible for cleaning and transporting your birds properly. Before your hunting party comes out on their hunt it’s important they learn how to properly clean waterfowl for storage and transport.  Birds must be cleaned with a wing attached for identification and tagged with the shooters personal information, date of harvest and species.

Do we need to take the birds after we shoot them?

Yes. You are required by Federal and State law to claim, clean and transport any waterfowl you shoot.  You can not expect to show up to shoot birds then simply walk away.  We have zero tolerance for this.  Make sure your group has a plan for transporting the birds you harvest back home with you!

How do I get a non-resident license and how much will it cost?

The process in every state is different, especially if your a non resident. We’ll walk you through the process for each state. Please remember that SD is a lottery that requires your group to apply in June every year. If you are going on a SD hunt hunt with us we’ll walk you through that process when the time comes.  If your hunting MN or KS those licenses can be bought over the counter when arriving or online. You can expect your non resident license to cost $80-$110 per person in the states we hunt.


As you get out to the field your guides will likely be putting the finishing touches on the spread and or blinds as shooting time draws near.  They may ask you hang back for a few minutes until their done, then they will show you were to set up and get you ready for shooting time.

Once everyone is in their blind the guides will go over a thorough safety meeting.  We take this vary seriously.  They will tell you the expectations we have for you in respects to your fellow hunters and the importance of staying in your shooting lanes.  In addition, you might as well get used to your guides saying “guns on safe at all times unless the butt of your gun is on your shoulder getting ready to shoot”.  We do not allow our hunters to “cheat” and take their safety off when birds are approaching.  If your guide hears the “click” of someone taking their safety off as birds are approaching they will stop calling and tell you to put your safety back on.  Again we take this very seriously.

What to expect when the birds start flying

Your guides will do all the calling during your hunt, we do allow individuals to call as well but knowing everyone’s skill level is different please do not be offended if your guide tells you to put your call away if he feels it’s necessary.

The guides will also call the shot.  We go to great lengths to conceal/hide our clients and and make them disappear into the natural cover, pulling up and shooting without direction of the guide will not be allowed.  As the birds approach they will tell you when to sit or stand up and start shooting but yelling kill em’, now, take em boys, something along those lines.  It is then and only then when you can shoulder your gun, pick out a bird, take the safety off and squeeze the trigger.

We do this for several reasons and the first is safety, someone surprising the group by shooting is never a good thing.  The second is your guides hunt professionally for 8 months out of the year.  Believe it or not as badly as you want to be successful, they want it more.  There is an amazing amount of work that goes into each and every hunt, and they are going to rely on their experience of working birds to call the what they feel will be the best shot as soon as its presented.  Sometimes it will be when the birds are 40 yards above you, but if everything works out right it will be when they back flapping …10 yards in front of you …. about to land.


The morning hunts usually wrap up around 10:00 a.m. depending on the weather or if we’ve obtained a limit.  If we have shot a limit, close to or if your guide feels like the field has been shot out, then the hunt for the day is over at that time.  This allows us to get more trucks on the road scouting for tomorrows hunt.  If the morning was slow and the birds didn’t feed, then we’re definitely going to hunt the evening.

If we hunt the evening your guide will let what time to meet back at the field for the evening hunt.

When you meet back at the field for the evening shoot your guide will give go over a safety refresher and we’ll hunt until sunset.

When the hunt is over, whether morning or evening, you will always take the birds you harvested with you to clean for eating or transport.  You can not leave the birds at the field or with the guide.


As stated before please keep in mind that your guides go through an amazing amount of work on very little sleep to put these hunts on everyday.  I can not stress enough how badly they want your group to be successful.  Ultimately however we are hunting wild birds and there are no guarantees when hunting any game animal.  We ask that all of our clients adhere to the parameters we set forth and treat your guides and fellow hunters with respect.  We reserve the right to end any persons hunt early with no refund if we feel they are not conducting themselves properly or are being disrespectful to other hunters or the guides.

If you’ve read through all of this you’ll have a good feel for how our hunts go and what you can expect from us as your guides and what we expect from you as our clients.




MaXXed Out Guides
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Sheri BrengmanSheri Brengman
22:17 07 Oct 22
I have hunted with Maxxed Out three separate trips, two early season goose hunts at their lodge in western MN and one snow goose hunt in Kansas. Graham, Andrea, Ashley, and the guides are great! They work hard to plan and run these hunts and it shows. I highly recommend their guide service! 👍🏻
Bill HarrellBill Harrell
14:29 05 Sep 22
What a great weekend. Graham and his crew (Mike, Hayden, Soren,…) were fantastic. Our group of seven had an awesome time and got to shoot a bunch of geese. The lodge was very nice. Although we didn’t really get to take advantage of the grill, fire pit, or sand volleyball court, it is a great place to stay. Highly recommend MaXXed Out Guides and Lodge! 👍🏻
Sean FoySean Foy
21:59 21 Mar 22
Our group hunted with Maxxed Out in Kansas and South Dakota this year. Had a great time in both states. Great housing accommodations. We’d hunt with these guides anytime. Already have dates booked for next year.
Patrick McAllisterPatrick McAllister
23:50 02 Jan 22
Tons of birds.Great guides.Accommodations are great.Always a good time.Wish we didn’t have to leave.
Jim DeanJim Dean
23:49 02 Jan 22
Second year with Graham and his crew in Kansas . Guides are a blast to hunt with and they get the birds in your face. Limited on mallards, Shot snows and darks the same day. Made memories with my sons they will never forget
Brady FrewenBrady Frewen
23:21 02 Jan 22
First hunt of the trip did not pull the trigger once and all the birds were a mile away. The next day we had below zero temps crazy winds, and Graham and his guys put us on a hunt of a lifetime that made every single penny worth it. Third day even though very few birds were killed, seeing the 10s of thousands of snow geese was an experience it’s self. I will be coming back and tell everyone looking for a guided hunt to go through graham and his guys.
Dylan HoflockDylan Hoflock
18:26 21 Nov 21
Had a great time with maxed out guides! Great people that put us on more birds then I’ve ever seen before!!
George LagoniaGeorge Lagonia
22:27 14 Nov 21
My group has hunted all over the USA and Canada for Waterfowl. My hats off to Graham and his crew. He runs a great show. Their gear is great, their efforts are greater. We are all about our retrievers, Graham made sure that was a priority. No other guide service has ever made sure the set up for our dogs was so important. Super grateful for that guys!!! We had a couple of magical days in S. Dakota with Maxxed Out Guides and will definitely be returning!!
Morgan Von SeggernMorgan Von Seggern
01:21 23 Sep 21
First time hunting Canadian Geese, and it was great time!!! Graham and his crew do a phenomenal job guiding and setting up for hunters. Hit our limit the first morning and did well the second day. They do their very best to scout and set you up for success, even though the birds might not always cooperate.I went on this hunt not knowing a single person and came back with a new group of friends! Will definitely be back for the hunt next year! 🙂
Robert LucasRobert Lucas
19:55 15 Sep 21
We had a great experience with Maxxed out! They are the best at what they do! As professional as it gets from arrival to clean up! Highly, Highly recommend these guys!


To do what we do for 8 months out of the year it truly requires the best equipment in the waterfowling industry. These companies put the products in our hands that allow us to be successful day in and day out.
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