Over the last decade we have taken thousands of groups on hunts.  There are many questions that come up in regards to the logistics of the hunts.  Reading this page thoroughly will give you all the answers you’ll likely want to know as you prepare for your hunt.

As you get ready for the hunt it is important that everyone in your party brush up on possession, cleaning and transporting of waterfowl when you hunting away from home.  Please make sure everyone in your party reads this page.

The Night Before the Hunt

You can arrive whenever you like for your hunt, but I strongly recommend arriving no later than 6 or 7 p.m. if you are able.  This gives you plenty of time to get your party to the lodge, get your bags unpacked, get settled in, grab a bite to eat and a libation if you choose and relax before your first hunt the following morning.

Whoever coordinated your hunt will likely be in touch with Graham throughout the day going over last minute details.  After we finish our evening scouting efforts Graham, or one of the guides, will call you to go over the plan for the morning.  They will let you know if we’ll be hunting fields or water, and answer any remaining questions you may have.

It’s during this phone call they will tell you the time and meeting place for the morning.  You can plan on meeting your guides about 90 minutes before sunrise.  It is also on this phone call that we will review the total due for your group.  In most cases we’ll meet you at the lodge when we get back from scouting and we will collect the balance due and your liability release waiver at that time.  On occasion our preparations for the following day keep us in the field late.  If that’s the case on your first hunt we’ll collect the balance due and waivers in morning before your hunt.

** Click on the button below to download then print our liability release waiver.  This must be printed out and filled out completely by each member of your party before your hunt.  You will give the completed waiver and the balance due for hunt and lodging to your guide the night before or morning of your first hunt.

Maxxed Out Liability Release Waiver

Getting you to the spot in the Morning

There are some mornings we will simply have you follow us to the spot from the lodge.  Most mornings however we will give you a destination point for you to meet, a gas station, restaurant, or church in a neighboring town and time to meet us there.  There are also times we will have you come right to the field by texting you, or someone in your party, a pin for your smart phone that you can open then allow your phone to drive you to our exact location.

We do this mainly for efficiency as your guides will be up several hours before you setting decoys, blinds and preparing for the hunt.  When you arrive to your hunt location the guides will get you out to the field or area we are hunting.  Your guides will tell you if it’s ok to drive into the field or if you need to unload everything and occasionally walk in but more likely be driving in by atv or side by side.

Morning Safety Meeting

As you get out to the field your guides will likely be putting the finishing touches on the spread and or blinds as shooting time draws near.  They may ask you hang back for a few minutes until their done, then they will show you were to set up and get you ready for shooting time.

Once everyone is in their blind the guides will go over a thorough safety meeting.  We take this vary seriously.  They will tell you the expectations we have for you in respects to your fellow hunters and the importance of staying in your shooting lanes.  In addition, you might as well get used to your guides saying “guns on safe at all times unless the butt of your gun is on your shoulder getting ready to shoot”.  We do not allow our hunters to “cheat” and take their safety off when birds are approaching.  If your guide hears the “click” of someone taking their safety off as birds are approaching they will stop calling and tell you to put your safety back on.  Again we take this very seriously.

What to expect when the birds start flying

Your guides will do all the calling during your hunt, we do allow individuals to call as well but knowing everyone’s skill level is different please do not be offended if your guide tells you to put your call away if he feels it’s necessary.

The guides will also call the shot.  We go to great lengths to conceal/hide our clients and and make them disappear into the natural cover, pulling up and shooting without direction of the guide will not be allowed.  As the birds approach they will tell you when to sit or stand up and start shooting but yelling kill em’, now, take em boys, something along those lines.  It is then and only then when you can shoulder your gun, pick out a bird, take the safety off and squeeze the trigger.

We do this for several reasons and the first is safety, someone surprising the group by shooting is never a good thing.  The second is your guides hunt professionally for 8 months out of the year.  Believe it or not as badly as you want to be successful, they want it more.  There is an amazing amount of work that goes into each and every hunt, and they are going to rely on their experience of working birds to call the what they feel will be the best shot as soon as its presented.  Sometimes it will be when the birds are 40 yards above you, but if everything works out right it will be when they back flapping …10 yards in front of you ….about to land.

Lunch Break

The morning hunt will last until on average until 10, sometimes it will be shorter sometimes longer depending on conditions, but your guide will call it.  At that time we’ll break for breakfast/lunch.  Your guides will be on break until around 3 depending on the time of year, so they they can eat and rest.  When you break for lunch they’ll tell you the time to meet back at the field for the evening shoot.  There are always a few days a year where the weather conditions call for us to stay in the field all day.  On those days your guide will make that recommendation and we may send someone into town to get food to bring out to the field.

When you meet back at the field for the evening shoot your guide will give go over a safety refresher and we’ll hunt until sunset.

What do we do with the birds?

Please reference the link at the top of this page regarding how to properly clean and transport waterfowl when on a guided hunt.

Wrapping up

As stated before please keep in mind that your guides go through an amazing amount of work on very little sleep to put these hunts on everyday.  I can not stress enough how badly they want your group to be successful.  Ultimately however we are hunting wild birds and there are no guarantees when hunting any game animal.  We ask that all of our clients adhere to the parameters we set forth and treat your guides and fellow hunters with respect.  We reserve the right to end any persons hunt early with no refund if we feel they are not conducting themselves properly or are being disrespectful to other hunters or the guides.

If you’ve read through all of this you’ll have a good feel for how our hunts go and what you can expect from us as your guides and what we expect from you as our clients.

We hope to see you in the field soon!