We finish our year with the spring snow goose hunts.  We start our conservation hunts in mid February in Kansas wrapping up in Kansas in early March.    We take a small break and then finish our season in SD in mid March and finishing in early April.

Millions of snows (not including ducks and dark geese) migrate through Kansas and South Dakota every spring to get back to the breeding grounds.  It’s truly an amazing sight.  The difference between the spring migration and the fall migration is the fall migration happens over a period of months.  The spring migration happens over a period of weeks and sometimes days all depending on the weather.

A guided spring snow goose hunt during the spring migration is something everyone should experience.  There will be days where we will be under hundreds of thousands of migrating snow geese that will  literally take up the entire sky.  The spring hunts are a conservation season, so you are allowed extended magazines so your shotgun can hold 6-8 rounds, electronic callers and in most of the states we hunt there is NO DAILY LIMIT!

That said hunters need to have realistic expectations about these hunts.  There is a reason these birds are so over populated.  They are very tough birds to hunt.  Rest assured your guides will have a full arsenal of top of the line audio equipment and gear to do our best to fool these wary birds!

Kansas Spring Snows: 3 Days Hunting & 3 nights lodging 

•  $900/gun

South Dakota: 3 days Hunting, 3 nights lodging & Meals

•  $1050/gun

Videography Services

  • If you’d like to capture the memories of your hunt forever our videography services are a great add on to your hunt.  For more information on having your hunt recorded in HD, edited and put on a DVD click here

Gun Rentals

  • If you don’t feel like traveling/flying with your gun you can rent them from us.  We have a fleet of Benelli & Franchi semi autos we rent to our clients for $50/day.


  • Please note that lodging is included in the price.  There may be times in SD we are unable to provide lodging.  If that is the case you will simply be charged for the cost of the hunt and the $50/day lodging fee will not be collected.
I just took a 2 1/2 day snow goose hunt with my brother and four of our friends. Let me said what a great group of guys to work with from Graham(The owner) and all of his guides. Zach and Garret(brothers) were our guides on this hunt and what a excellent job they did taking care of us. I have been hunting the Midwest for may years now and have never learned so much about hunting in one weekend.They explained the behaviors of the birds and why we setup the way we did they even went though the birds we shot and showed us what to look for and migration patterns etc.

I would recommend this guide service to anyone and if you can ask for Zach and Garret and you won’t be disappointed.

Tim Plumley
We had an awesome hunt out in South Dakota with Graham’s crew! Finding the birds was tough. We are at the end of the migration but the guys still got us on birds! If anyone hasn’t experienced spring snow goose hunting or just wants to have a hunt of a lifetime Maxxed out guides will get it done!
Ok our hunt is over, what a fantastic bunch of guides!!!

Graham was great, birds were tough but teasing the guides was worth the trip!

Tell good ol ” left turn ” and ” mud dabber ” I expect to see them this fall! .

Graham cracker we had a blast, you run a good show! I recommend anyone to book with you. Thanks again!


Morning hunts typically last from legal shooting time until 10:00 a.m. and evening hunts begin around 3:00 or 4:00 and run until sunset.  It is at your guides discretion to run these hunts longer or shorter based on conditions of the day.  The last day of a 3 or 5 day hunt ends after the morning shoot.

We run two types of sets for our spring hunts.  Migrator sets which are large spreads of wind socks set on traditional flight lines.  The spring migration happens rapidly so one day these sets can be dead and the next day they’re on fire.  We hunt these sets morning and evening.

The other set we run are feed sets.  These are smaller spreads of full bodies and sillohouttes we set up in fields that have had birds feeding in them the days leading up to it.  We only hunt feed sets in the morning and then pull the set after the morning hunt.   It’s up to your guides judgement to set in a migrator set for that night or get more trucks on the road scouting for the next day.

Parties that book with 8 or more hunters in their party will be eligible for a private field with just their hunting party and their guides.

Smaller parties will be combined with other small parties to fill out a group.  Single hunters are welcome!  During the spring a typical hunting party will consist of 8-10 hunters.

We don’t hold any dates until your deposit is in.  Deposits can be taken by a credit card over the phone, paypal, venmo or a check in the mail.  We recommend a card over the phone, venmo or paypal as they are the easiest and quickest way that dates can be reserved.  If you choose to send a check please know your dates can’t be reserved until your check has been received.

We provide everything needed to be successful in the field, blinds, calling, decoys, flags etc

Here’s what you need to make sure you bring for your hunt

  • Gun (unless your renting from us)
  • Hunting license
  • Weather appropriate hunting clothing
  • Ammo (3’s or 4’s for ducks and 2’s and BB or BBB for geese)
  • Snacks for blind but no coolers, please only bring the minimum into the field.  NO ALCOHOL
  • For our snow goose hunts everyone needs to bring a white tyvek painter suit.
  • Please make sure everyone in your group brings a face mask or face paint!  This is very important!

Want more information on what a typical day of goose hunting looks like with us?  Click Here

Deposits and Refund policy –  We require a deposit of $275/person via card over the phone, paypal (Graham@maxxedoutguides) or venmo (@maxxedoutguides) to book a Spring snow goose hunt.

Deposits are 100% non refundable.  Last minute cancellations will forfeit their deposit.  If weather or birds require us to postpone your hunt, your deposit will simply be re-applied to a later date this season or next.  No exceptions.