Traditionally we have not hunted on the MN duck hunting opener as we save that for the guides to get out and fun hunt with their friends.  However we have had a lot of inquiries the last couple of years about the opener and I’ve always turned them down.

So I decided to ask around with my guides to gauge interest.  Two of our guides, Garret and Zach, were out scouting yesterday and I asked them “Do you want to guide the duck hunting opener this year in western MN?”  They both paused for a half second and said “YES!”

Their reason was simple “there are ducks everywhere out here!”

Forecasts by the state of MN said breeding ducks in the state were at the highest level in decades.  Our goose guides have been seeing potholes full of ducks all August as we’ve been scouting for our early season goose hunts.

If you want in in the action call or email today and reserve your spot for what is sure to be an excellent opener!