Over the last several years we’ve been fortunate enough to make some friends in the television industry and have them follow us into the field.  We love the opportunity to show the world what we do.  Filming for TV shows is truly a put up or shut up scenario.  We’ve been fortunate enough to have mother nature and birds cooperate just enough to put our talents on display. Below you’ll find our recent episodes with Babe Winkelman’s “Winkelmans Outdoor Secrets” with host Wayne Enger.  Next is an episode of “Outdoor Bound TV” with host Kurt Walbeck.  We hope you enjoy them watching them as much as we did making them.

Winkelman’s Outdoor Secret’s “Maxxed Out in Montevideo”

Outdoor Bound TV “Minnesota Geese with Maxxed Out Guides”

Outdoor Bound TV “Spring Snows Goose Hunting with Maxxed Out”

Outdoor Bound TV “South Dakota Ducks with Maxxed Out”