Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions we are asked the most by our clients when they are preparing for a hunt:

What size shot should we buy and what kind?

  • It ultimately depends on what we are hunting.  For early season duck hunts (teal, woodies and Sept/Oct mallards) we recommend 4 & 6 shot.  As we move later into the year and birds are getting their winter down we transition to 4 & 2 shot.  For honkers we recommend a fast load BB or BBB.  We like something that’s going to have an average speed of 1500 FPS or faster.  Right now the majority of our guides shoot Hevi Steel by Hevi Shot.  It’s a good fast load and it shoots very clean meaning it doesn’t leave a significant amount of residue/power in your chamber or barrel.

Will a 20 gauge take down a goose?

  • Yes.  We take out countless youth hunters that kill their first birds with us with 20 gauge shotguns every year.  We recommend 2 or BB shot size.

Where’s the best place to buy shells?

  • We buy the majority of our shells through Rogers Sporting Goods in Missouri or Reeds Sporting Goods right here in MN. They consistently have the best prices and frequently offer free shipping.  You can find them by clicking on their link here: or

What kind of camo do we need?

  • The most important thing on your hunt is warm and dry.  Cold and wet make for a pretty miserable day in the field.  Making sure you are warm and dry really trumps the need for camo.  On most of our hunts you’ll be a layout blind or in a pit, meaning you’ll be fully concealed from the neck down.  The only exception being ducks hunts on water.  We do have some spots where we will be standing among the cattails and in those situations you’ll want to have a waterfowl style camo.  Whatever you can wear the that is waterproof and insulated will typically be just fine.

Do you have a lodge?

  • Yes we offer lodging in western mn, kansas and on some of our spring snow goose hunts.  

Do we need to bring waders?

  • There are very few situations that require waders for how we hunt both ducks and geese.  That being said…if we tell you not to bring them you will most certainly need them.  We do have some extra pairs we keep around for emergencies in both kid and adult sizes.

Can I rent guns shotguns from you?

  • Yes you can.  We have 5 semi autos (Benellis & Franchis) available for rent for $50/day.  

Do you clean birds?  What do we do with the birds?

  • You are responsible for cleaning and transporting your birds properly.  Before your hunting party comes out with this everyone needs to read this page.  Cleaning and transporting your birds

Do we need to take the birds after we shoot them?

  • Yes.  You are required by Federal and State law to claim, clean and transport any waterfowl you shoot.  Pleas make sure everyone in your party reads this page – Cleaning and transporting your birds  

What do I need for the license and how much?

  • The process in every state is different, especially if your a non resident.  We’ll walk you through the process for each state.  Please remember that SD is a lottery that requires your group to apply in June every year.  Again we’ll walk you through the process over the phone.  For the states we hunt non resident licenses range from $80-$110 for adults.