Best time to book a western Minnesota duck hunt:  Mid October though Thanksgiving weekend

Minnesota’s duck hunting has become one of the nations best kept secrets over the last decade.  The perfect blend of habitat, potholes and large grain fields, provide everything they need in their migration south in the fall.

Our seasons open in late September and typically runs through Thanksgiving or the last weekend in November.  We shoot mainly local ducks (mallards, teal & wood ducks) around opener and for the first 10-14 days of the season.  Our first waves of migrating mallards, wigeon, pintail and gadwall traditionally start to show up around the October full moon.  Mid October through the end of November is traditionally the best time to be in western MN duck hunting.

We are not a guide service that sits and hunts the same spot day in and day out hoping that “today is the day”.  Our guides scout extensively for each and every hunt.  We’re always looking for today’s honey hole for tomorrow’s hunt.

Since we offer both field and water duck hunts on any given day you can expect to hunt from:

  • A frame blinds
  • Permanent duck blinds
  • Layout blinds (field and water hunts)
  • Standing crops or cat tails

We use large spreads of high definition decoys and multiple spinning wing decoys to give birds a look they only see when landing into live birds.