Like our guided goose hunts, our guided duck hunting trips take place in two areas of the state, western MN & Minneapolis/St Paul’s western Suburbs.  In the heart of the Mississippi flyway, the areas of the state we duck hunt have the highest volume of local and migrating birds in the state.

Our seasons open in Late September every year and traditionally run through Thanksgiving weekend.  We traditionally harvest large amounts of local teal, wood Ducks and mallards in late September through mid October.  As our local birds begin to migrate out in mid October we traditionally start seeing our first waves of northern Mallards at this time as the weather and daylight patterns begin to change.

The majority of our hunts are on private land, sloughs or fields,  but will occasionally hunt public backwaters and rivers when conditions are prime.  Our guides scout extensively in search of a great hunt for tomorrow.  We RARELY hunt the same spot two days in a row.

Since we offer both field and water duck hunts on any given day you can expect to hunt from:

  • Our custom 20′ duck boat with mud motor
  • Permanent duck blinds
  • Layout blinds (field and water hunts)
  • Standing Cattails or reeds on the waters edge (waders required)

We use large spreads of high definition decoys and multiple spinning wing decoys to give birds a look they only see when landing into live birds.