Kansas Waterfowl Hunting

As our season in MN & SD closes in December, our guided waterfowl hunts move to Northern Kansas.  In the months of December, January we’ll be targeting late season Mallards, Giant Canada geese, Specks and Snow Geese and in February after duck season closes we’ll continue to pile up honkers, specks and snows.

Kansas offers a true smorgasbord of waterfowl hunting for our clients.  On any day the in the field we can target one or ALL of the species mentioned above.  Waterfowl hunting is Kansas also offers very liberal bag limits for late season hunts.  Daily bag limits are 2 specks, 6 ducks, 6 canada geese and 50 snow geese….per PERSON!

The area of Kansas that we hunt also offers hunters a unique season split that allows hunters to chase ducks until the end of January!  This area is one of the few places in the US where you can hunt ducks at this time.  In addition the honker, speckle belly and snow goose season runs straight through mid February!

Our 2016-2017 season for our Kansas Goose, Duck, Snow Goose and Specklebelly  hunts will start in Mid December and run through Jan 1.  The season will be closed for ducks from January 2 through Jan 20.  It will then re-open for ducks on Jan 21 and run through Jan 29th.  Click on the link below for more information and prices for our Kansas Duck Hunts

Kansas Guided Duck Hunt Pricing

While the seasons is closed for ducks we will still be running honker, snows and speck only hunts from Jan 4 – Jan 20 and then again from Jan 30-Feb 12.  Because we are only hunting geese on these dates and not ducks, these hunts do have a discounted rate.  Click on the link below for more information on our Kansas Goose Hunts

Kansas Guided Goose Hunting Prices

Guided Waterfowl Hunts Kansas